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Discover the ultimate hunting expedition in the heart of Baja, Mexico, with Hunt Baja’s exclusive Blacktail Deer packages. Dive into the wild, chasing the majestic Baja Blacktail, a treasure among deer species, with our experienced guides leading you through stunning terrains. With comprehensive services including licenses, comfortable lodging, full-board dining, and professional field support, we ensure every detail of your journey is covered. Embrace a tailored adventure with optimal success rates, high-quality gear, and end-to-end assistance—from field dressing to trophy preparation. Uncover the secrets of Baja’s hunters’ paradise and create memories that last a lifetime. Contact Hunt Baja for a bespoke hunting experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Dear Hunting Enthusiast,

Adventure awaits with our exclusive Baja Blacktail Deer Hunting package! Tailored for discerning hunters, immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of Baja, Mexico for a world-class pursuit of the elusive Baja Blacktail deer. Our professional guides, fluent in both English and Spanish, bring you local expertise and a personalized hunting journey.

What’s included:

  • Expert-guided hunts in pre-scouted territories
  • Local licenses and complete permit handling
  • Comfortable accommodations & housekeeping
  • Gourmet local cuisine with full-board dining
  • Field dressing, in-field transportation, and game care
  • Trophy caping and taxidermy assistance
  • And more!

Not included:

  • Airfare to Baja, Mexico
  • Guide and staff gratuities
  • Alcoholic beverages & personal gear
  • Activities beyond the planned itinerary

Book now to capture not just a trophy, but an experience etched in time. At Hunt Baja, we’re more than just guides—we’re your gateway to the hunt of a lifetime!

Ready for the thrill? Visit us at https://huntbaja.com/ or email info@huntbaja.com to speak with our dedicated staff and customize your dream hunt experience.

Best Regards,

Benjamin Pride Marketing Manager, Hunt Baja


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